The performance fee for Marshall Sylver's hypnotic
entertainment show is a minimum of $50,000 plus expenses.

His cutting edge entertainment programs have been featured on numerous main stages in Las Vegas and most of the current popular television programs. The entertainment portion of Marshall Sylver's presentation will be the boost to keep the energy levels high during your conference and make it an event to talk about.
There is no better performer to both entertain
and motivate than...
Marshall's keynote speaking services for two hours to a full day start at $100,000. Marketing companies have paid him hundreds of thousands of dollars for 90 minutes of his training expertise and have him coming back year after year. He is consistently one of the highest ranked speakers on any stage he speaks on and his peers give him glowing accolades as having more impact than almost any living teacher in the process of influence. Your audience will learn irresistible skills of influence that will immediately double and even triple income. They will always remember that it was you who helped them learn!
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