...Having world-class entertainment at your next event or convention. It will not only provide extra added value to your gathering, it will energize your attendees with a fun filled show they will never forget. The show both entertains and motivates plus ties perfectly to your conference message. Your attendees will be laughing 'til they hurt as they witness volunteers on stage become human safety belts, speak a language from planet "Queebler", become a human staircase, and much, MUCH more! The Marshall Sylver hypnotic show will be talked about for years after your event has ended!
...A nationally recognized trainer that earns $100,000 minimum per day teaching your audience cutting edge technologies that they will immediately use to increase your bottom line and make your organization so much more efficient and productive.
Imagine... Having such a show and lecture that normally
costs you $100,000 will now be FREE. Imagine No More!
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